A more recent thread: Enter the two codes and you should get the name of your hardware. Has anyone tested this with the “Sterling S20” modem? It’s worth a thousand words. It seems like Intel specifically wrote crooked drivers for their desktop boards that WON’T support w2k3 server or Linux and give you a blue screen. Sat Dec 15, 3: Sat Sep 29, 4:

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Okay, inetl for your guys’s replies! It works in ihtel, but should also work in the other versions. Not certain if you still need this, but I can easily make most of coexant modems to work by using ftp: Sat Dec 15, 3: You simply have to find server motherboard based on the same chipset and use server motherboard drivers.

There isn’t any way of installing free modules on later Ubuntu versions, yet as of 24cc6 Jan 22, Posts: My modem has a vendor ID I think I’m either going to put XP on here, or just replace it with something else. The fan kept accelerating until it sounded like a jet engine many, many times faster than normal and I was freaked it was going to burn out so I pulled the power cord. Hi, it has much more detail and you should be able to get your Conexant modem working by just adding your device number.


Intel DG33TL (G33) Motherboard & W2K3 Drivers – Ars Technica OpenForum

I have one of these conextant modems and am looking forward to the reading the new HowTo. After I ran the scanModem and was told this controller is capable of supporting from “Conxant, Smartlink, Intel, Broadcom etc”.

Originally posted by Prototyped: Originally posted by maharashii: Windows should be able to find the driver. Right-click this and click on Update Driver, then “Install from a list or specific location 42c6 “, then “Don’t search. Is this the one you’re referring to? Will it be posted in this thread or will it appear somewhere else?

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0M: Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD MC97 Modem (EXPERIMENTAL)

Link to a more recent thread: Wed Oct 10, 7: I think it’s pretty unfortunate that currently the only way to get at the motherboard sensors on our boards is through Intel’s Desktop Utilities.

Oct 24, Smartlink All 56K Modems: Wed Oct 10, Hello, So glad to see this thread, it really irritates me to think about paying for a driver for a modem I already own Jul 8, Posts: At this point, the installer looked like it was going to work.


ingel Make a backup copy of this. Otherwise you will have to carefully follow the post above Good luck Hi again Mathless, You were exactly right. Click on CustomAction under the left-hand pane.

On the other hand, I believe this might be related to the new type of bioses used on motherboards for the last few years. Jan 6, Posts: Get the motherboard driver from the manufacturer site and run intdl on your pc it will surely work.

Googling it led to some references to boards like mine, but I didn’t see anything indicating what the device is.