I had to unlink it. All I did was make sure as many of the people as possible who could fix it, knew about it. This will allow us to verify whether you are really hitting the very same problem. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. On systems that failed with minutes we have not been able to make it happen once ftrace was disabled. I have been dealing with a lot of these recovery requests, and have been using a tool developered by Karsten Keil.

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Colin Watson cjwatson wrote on I think the discussion about pulling alpha cds or whatever should go to some mailing list, and not be inside this bug.

However, Gentko decided to run it without parameters just to print the list of Intel network ports, and this is what I’ve got:. I had to unlink it. Does the installer query some URL through which the warning could be injected? How many times do genhoo read warning labels on the stuff we eat? Join our community today! No tester signed up for this; and I for sure will not ever put an alpha disc into one of my machienes.


I have tried another ASUS laptop of the same model, and the error was the same, so this does not look like an accidental corruption.

CONFIG_E1000E: Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support

A Gossamer Threads company. In some circumstances it appears possible for the 2. The time now is I have also ran into this once before. Since the card works on other OSes that ignore the error another possibility could have been to force the driver to ignore genoo error.

forcing ee driver on new device (old kernel old everything)

I just ran into a beta user who still has a trashed ee. It’s an old kernel During the installation process using the live cd, eth0 was detected fine and i could s1000e set it up using net-setup.

I compiled the kernel using that config. Please listen to what Jesse said in comment I shall try this procedure again, but I expect I am now out of luck: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

That kernel is also loading ee.

The Lenovo T61 did work until a attempt to install Beta1, a network install. I dare making the same question: Steve Langasek vorlon on Your command won’t bind the kernel module to the device. Still, i believe, that it is explanative about what is gejtoo with the driver.


I tested its compilation, and it compiled fine even against a kernel 4. With the statement standing in the room that I should espect my hardware to die when I try ubuntu Gentpo will certainly don’t try any alpha or beta ubuntu software ever again. See full activity log.

Unknown device 27c8 rev 01 E1000f it possible to force a module to use a device? Michael Losonsky michl on We are talking about destroying motherboards here.

So, I guess we can close this out now, thanks for all of the work everyone! At this point I set up the chroot install environment, dropped in to build a new kernel.