While Windows configures the SafeNet Authentication Client, a dialog box displays the remaining time. As you type, the password requirements will turn green to indicate that you meet them. If selecting the invoice option, payment must be received and processed before the subscription renewal is updated. You can optionally pick which token to use your default will be selected for you , and then enter your EPCS password. You must have a government-issued photo ID. Receive the digit passcode from the proofing agent at the end of your in-person proofing appointment. You may need to wait until the next morning before completing a controlled substance prescription.

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You can keep it locked in your desk. You must agree to the disclaimer before order submission. If you are unable to enter eostar information that matches, you will have another chance. Push the button on your hard token to generate a one-time password. Go to start of metadata. PCC eRx — Allergies.

Exoxtar the Rx Queue to sign prescriptions and approve renewal requests that are waiting for review. Exostar ships your token via FedEx once you schedule your in-person proofing appointment. OTP and eTools subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase not date of activation.


If a prescriber is not able to complete the ID proofing process, the screen will prompt them to schedule a video ID proofing process using the webcam on exoztar laptop.

The passcode is a digit number separated by hyphens, exoxtar example: Check Payments Mail payments to: Click Make a Payment. Exostar strongly recommends you enable strong protection for your MLOA certificates, unless there are corporate policies against doing so.

Medium Certificate Download

Activate Other Tokens the Soft Token. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. Once you complete this, please follow the steps below:.

The Exostar Billing and Support Center is used to complete a variety of tasks including paying invoices, purchasing renewals, viewing SCP transactions, managing license keys, open support cases, and more. Add Authy to Your Apple Watch.

Billing and Support

Click Submit and Email. Images below show the Apple iOS app store. You should also make arrangements to turn off any credit report locks on your identity.

If you are uncomfortable providing identity-related information, you can prescribe controlled substances using a traditional prescription pad. This activity allows Exostar to archive the encryption key for recovery at a later time. Optionally, you can indicate which token will be your default.

Watch this video to learn how to turn on EPCS access, register a prescriber, and how to register tokens. Pages MyExostar Home Applications.


Click Billing and Support upper, right corner. You should complete this process immediately, as your ID proofing has a time limit.

Next, the ExoStar ID-proofing system, using the Experian credit services, will ask you randomly generated ID-proofing questions based on known identity factors, such as your home mortgage loan, credit cards, career, past home addresses, or other available data. Refer to the Recover Encryption Keys section for details.

Exostar Documentation

Verify Your Legal Name and Enter Your Address and Other Details On the next screen, verify your name and enter your address, date of birth, toien numbers, and the last four digits of your social security number. Exostar issues license keys when users complete full payment for the purchase of their OTP tkken.

Select the product from the drop-down menu. Follow the steps below to authorize prescribers, set initial EPCS passwords, prove prescriber identity, register hard and soft tokens, finalize authorization, and prescribe using EPCS.