Printing tends to become misaligned on the bottom sheet. Soft Fonts Fonts downloaded from a disk to the printer memory. To select a resident font: These settings remain in effect until the next time they are changed. Be sure to vacuum the air vents at the front, left sides, and bottom of the printer.

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Press and hold the button until the printer digitwl nineteen times. This appendix provides information you may need for wiring your own interface cables or for programming computer-to-printer communications.

Digital LA30W User guide |

The tear-off feed can be also activated by pressing the Pause button. YES Status is sent. This setting is valid immediately after powering on. When you stop pressing, the new value is printed at the right of the current value.

In the 7-bit environment, C1 Control Characters can be sent with an escape sequence provided in the following tables. Printer and Paper Specifications Installing the Color Kit You can turn your monochrome printer into a color printer by installing a color kit on the print head carriage. If the forms tractor unit is mounted at the rear of the printer, it pushes paper from the rear to the platen. The ribbon shift unit shown below of the color kit vertically swings the color ribbon cartridge to position one of the four colors of ribbon in front of the print head.


Platen A hard rubber cylinder that moves paper forward during printing.

Digital LA30W

To avoid any possibility of injury, before cleaning the printer, turn off the power to both the printer and the computer, and unplug the printer.

When using continuous forms with the cut sheet stand in up lw30w, always spread the cut sheet stand paper guides to their extreme position before feeding the lz30w. Check whether the tip of the print head is dirty. The following table shows the allowable paper thickness for one-part paper or for digltal sheet of multipart paper. User Preference User Preference: The former describes how to install and set up your printer. Adjust the right paper guide e to the width of paper.

Industrial 2 of 5 Paper continuous forms or single sheets is automatically advanced at the end of each printing so that the last printed line can be read. Be sure to vacuum the air vents at the front, left sides, and bottom of the printer. Set the paper thickness lever to position D widest gap.


To allow the printer to properly detect the diggital operation, follow the next procedure: The printer starts to print a list of the currently selected values. Replacing the Print Head Even, odd, none, or ignore selectable Start bit: The printing test only tests the printer.

The Set-Up mode also provides some diagnostic functions. Then, the printer prints the previous option and its values. For details, see the table at the end of this appendix.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Notice to Canadian Users This digital apparatus does not exceed the class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications.

Close the front cover q and open the top cover. Exit the printing test. The interface connector is pin Amphenol type with Dibital protection.