Mine is a red stiff shaft and I have been told it is conforming but the r and a website dont mention shafts. I was so impressed I tried the 3 wood and the HiBore iron set. Now how does THAT happen? Post your results when you get the club……. Must have been having an ordinary day, as the FT3 was definitely shorter and more prone to reacting to a bad swing, with a fade and some snap hooks. It works, though, with this club. It is not all the club however.

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Even with a rusty swing, this club launches the ball extremely straight, and puts on a lot of hang time. Find a launch monitor somewhere and get the numbers.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Originally had a I also think it the XLS sets up better. I used to be able to break but it will take more practice and better clubs. The XL Pro had gone 24 yards farther than my other driver. This club might up your clevelannd trajectory a little bit and keep with the same loft.

I love this club, and it truly is loud — people by the club house thought I was swinging a microwave when they heard me tee off on No. Outhits my Comp by 30 — 40 clevelsnd. I seldom hit it further thanexcept with hard ground or a tailwind. As cleeland as I make a nice slow backswing, the club will perform. There were many times when I would tee off with my 3 iron because I knew I could hit it further than any of my woods. Also thought the 8.


Cleveland says the Red is designed for strong players with fast swing speeds. I had a launch monitor session, and my swing speed and ball speed said red shaft, my launch angle screamed yellow shaft. The hook has also disappeared from my irons so golf is fun again and my scores have plunged and my game is back to the pre-hook level of years ago.

Cleveland HiBORE XL Driver | | Bunkers Paradise

Yes indeed, the red shaft will lower backspin compared to the gold, as long as the designation is the same. Leave xxl Reply Cancel reply Your email clevelanv will not be published. Shaft Model Factory Fujikura 55g. The issue, apparently, was a COR cl. Those were the 2 clubs I compared against each other. I hit the XL 8. The open face on the Tour version combined with the shallower profile allowed me to work the ball, while the elongated non-Tour version did quite well at keeping my drives straight.

Still, since you liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft in if the hosel fits and try it. Teed up again and with a more relaxed swing, it just flew off nice, straight n long.


It is clebeland to work thats what the Tour version is for … but I have never seen a driver that wanted to go straight as desperately and consistently as this one does. It is more flexible than the Speeder in stiff and I like the pop it gives the ball and the driving ball flight as well.

Shaft is Burner Reax 4. I titannium to play with a very small headed driver, and have always liked a smaller headed wood. The numbers add up. It is still in my bag and I have tried many other neutral and fade bias drivers.

Hi, I purchased the XL Tour model this year in mid-season and it has been fantastic. The information you gain from just one time on one of those things is invaluable.

They are actually now selling them as non-conforming. Assuming the conformity problem was head size.

From behind the clubs you are more easily able to see how Cleveland has moved weight behind the bottom half of the ball.