These drivers are very reliable and you can use the dimming inputs for different output modes. If you would like to receive a partial shipment leave a note during check-out. Add To Wish List. Energy efficient constant current led drivers help provide energy savings and reduce electricity costs. Figure 2 shows the effective control range of the analog input signal. LED drivers convert your power supply to constant current, suitable for LEDs, helping to maximize the energy potential.

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In addition to the configurations described above, the may also be driven by a D to A converter. Energy efficient constant current led drivers help provide energy savings and reduce electricity costs.


The output current will be zero when the control signal is high. BuckPuck LED drivers exhibit high efficiency and require no external current consyant resistors or additional heat sinking for operation. For le or pulse applications, a wire length not exceeding 6″ should be used to maintain accurate timing. Where the ability to adjust the output current to an intermediate value is required, all output current ratings are available with an on-board potentiometer.

Power Supplies & LED Drivers : BuckPuck-Constant-Current-LED-Driver

The reference output provides the operating voltage for the processor 5V at up to 20mA current. The buckpuck line of led drivers is the ideal choice for powering all types of high brightness and high power led curreny and led arrays.

Product Reviews Login or Register to write a review. The buckpuck line of led drivers is the ideal choice for powering all types of highbrightness and highpower led packages and led donstant. A fast response current-sensing circuit permits the unit to be used in applications where ashing or pulsing of the LEDs is required.


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Its moistureresistant design allows for outdoor use with landscape lighting systems. An led constant current driver monitors the loop current of each led and automatically adjusts the generated dc voltage output to the minimum value needed to produce the highest. I get about 9 hours of over lumens between battery swaps of my 2s, which is weight of 3aa.

Constant current led driver 700ma buckpuck

Unlike standard power supplies, which deliver a fixed voltage to the output, the is designed to vary the output voltage as required to deliver a constant current to the led s reliably and with stability.

Curreny buckpuck line of led drivers are the ideal choice for powering all types of highbrightness and highpower led packages and led arrays. Figure 15 shows an inverted input configuration using a 2N or other PNP switching transistor. Buckpuck dc led buckppuck for all your led project needs.

Several options are available allowing for use with many types of LEDs and in a variety of operating modes Fixed Current Drive: Figures 14 and 15 show two methods for low speed pulsing or high speed ashing operation.


Linear LED strips are ideal for general lighting, sign or channel letters, architectural lighting and more. I was looking the for a constant ccurrent led driver circuit the other day so that i can understand the principle of led driver.

I had so many bad experience with the existing led driver in the market, and i want to know why.

Heat Sinks and housings give your project a clean enclosure while maintaining a low temperature. Any order that does not qualify for free shipping, bucmpuck by default include a discount of equal value to the free shipping offer.

Manufacturer of standard and custom constant current, voltage and programmable led drivers. Power supplies externalinternal offboard ship same day.

Full Documentation BuckPuck Documentation. In this case, a logic high will cause buckppuck output to be “on”. Add To Wish List. Safe, Secure, Reliable Shopping.

Love it I use in my flashlight builds. The buckpuck series of led drive modules from luxdrive define led integration by combining high efficiency, true constant current, and optional internal limiting external dimmable controls, into a package size designed to be incorporated into oem products. LED Optics Optics control the illumination pattern, either diffusing it or focusing it as your application requires.