During this dialog, a new key is agreed, making it more difficult to eavesdrop on wireless networks encrypted using WPA, than those encrypted using WEP. To change the configuration of your computers to allow this, follow the instructions in this chapter. Page Internet can connect to, but this is not a recommended configuration. The Router can generate a profile so that you do not need to configure your Wireless PCs manually. Router to communicate with the Internet. You must read the following safety information carefully before you install or remove the unit:

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No configuration information will be lost but the log files will be erased.

Wireless Settings Router to automatically select an available channel when first powered on. These are shielded RJ data sockets. Block them individually by entering this. Firewall schedule, check the appropriate check box for each day you want to allow access, and wigeless the permitted access times for each day in hour clock format.

Updates to the Router software are posted on the 3Com support web site, accessible by visiting: Automatic IP addressing support was introduced by Microsoft in the Windows 98 operating system and is also supported in Windows Conventions Feedback about this Your suggestions are very important to us.

3Com 3CRWE554G72T – OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Router User Manual

If two ds allocate themselves the same address, the conflict is detected and one of the devices allocates itself a new address. For information about contacting Technical Support, please refer to the Support and Safety Information sheet.


Usage Status and Logs Figure 77 Status Screen – lower section Usage Usage displays an approximate count of the traffic since the Router was last reset.

Write the new password down and keep it in a safe place, so that you can change your settings in the future.


All your configuration changes will be lost, and you will need to run the configuration wizard again cabls you can re-establish your Router connection to the Internet. Page 31 Accessing the Wizard 6 When you have selected a country either: Option Tabs Each corresponding menu page may also provide sub-sections which are accessed through the use of tabs see Figure 29 for example.

They officeconnrct help make our User Guide documentation more useful to you.

Please e-mail comments about this document to 3Com at: Only connect RJ data iwreless to these sockets. Your Internet IP address can be found at the bottom of the screen. Change the SSID from its default value – see page 53 2.

Page 2 3Com Corporation reserves the right to revise this documentation and to make changes in content from time USA to time without obligation on the part of 3Com Corporation to provide notification of such revision or change. Page 55 Wireless Settings The pre-shared key is used ocficeconnect start officeconnect dialog between the Router and the client. To improve the security of your wireless network, 3Com recommends that you: This manual also for: Page 59 4 Keys. To prevent radio interference to the licensed service, this Interference device is intended to be operated indoors and away from windows to Canada provide maximum shielding.


The time zone setting is used by the system clock when displaying the correct time in the log files. For example, you would be warned if you had disabled wireless networking or wireless encryption.

For example, to allow access Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, check the check boxes for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri, and enter In some environments, the use of rf energy is not permitted.

3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Router – wireless router – 802.11b/g – desktop Series

The screen shown in Figure 38 displays. Wireless Settings Fixed Association. Don’t have an account?

Page 23 Router to communicate with the Internet. Figure 78 Usage Screen Before you Install Before you install and configure your Router, you need the following your Router additional information.