Contact us to learn how. A Slide the edge guide to the outer edge of the lower media guide and screw it in place. Refer to your third-party documentation, for more information. Download Intermec EasyCoder driver. Use this section to connect the printer to your system. The easiest way to test communications is to set the printer to Data Line Print mode and send down a character string from your system.

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The values on your hardware configuration test label may be different. ID Card Printer Printheads. PrintSet can be installed from the PrinterCompanion CD included with the printer or it can be downloaded from the Intermec web site at www. Check to make sure that you installed the ribbon correctly.

Intermec 3440

Thermal transfer Printing, dpi4″ Print width, Serial Interface. Cleaning with sharp objects will damage the printhead. You can upload the current configuration settings, modify vitsa, and then download them to your printer. Intermec Duratran Pro Ontermec 4″ x 6″ Thermal transfer paper label. This extremely high-resolution DPI printer delivers the sharpest fonts and most precise graphics in the industry. The software contained in the printer and the accompanying materials are copyrighted.


A newer version of this item is available. All right, title, and interest in all visat of this software are and shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Intermec. Description Description This extremely high-resolution DPI printer delivers the sharpest fonts and most precise graphics in the industry.

Intermec EasyCoder Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer

Cable schematics for the PC serial cables appear on the following pages. The Really Basic Computer Quiz. Intermec INdelible E 3″ x 1″ Thermal transfer polyester label. Make sure the DIP switches are set to their default settings. We can fix your broken gear more quickly and efficiently than any OEM or third party. Ships in Days. If the controlling device is an Intermec product, refer to the following manuals for instructions and information on the necessary cabling and connections.


O I O G. Use the front panel LEDs to monitor the status of the printer: If you are using a narrow roll of media less than 7.

When replacing the thermal transfer ribbon roll in the future, use the empty thermal transfer ribbon core as the new rewinder core. Intermec The dpi Intermec is available, refurbished.

Compatible to part number S When you transfer data from 344 printer to the host, you are performing a process called uploading. B Pull down on the lower media guide to allow easy access to the media path.


Print a hardware configuration test label to make sure your printer is operating correctly. The fine adjustments compensate for variations inyermec the media, the printhead, or the printer. On thermal transfer media, intefmec rating contains the first and second digits, with an asterisk in place of the third digit.

Set the DIP switch for the type of media you are using. Replacing preprinted labels saves time and money by eliminating the necessity of maintaining diverse label inventories. You need a straight-slot screwdriver to turn the bias adjust screw. You should clean the printhead after every roll, or m 6, inof media have been printed.

Throughout this manual, trademarked names may be used. We recommend Zebra bar code printers as well as Intermec bar code printers.