I definitely would recommend this pda! Google Pixel XL 8. True to Sony design, even without the CLIE inserted, the cradle doesn’t look out of place on any desk. Some letters need to be written “special” and I don’t remember them. At those times it’s really simple to switch to the touch screen and do it that way. The CLIE’s screen is both large and high-resolution.

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Shutterbugs can fine-tune the camera’s settings. While the music player works as advertised, the SonicStage software that Sony provides for moving tunes to and from the CLIE is a disaster. The only thing missing was bluetooth incorporation. Although the music player works as advertised, the SonicStage software that Sony provides for moving tunes to and from the CLIE is a disaster. That said, this is one the more impressive displays that you’ll find on a handheld and is easily viewable in all lighting conditions.

If you prefer the BlackBerry school of data entry, the small, built-in thumb keypad is one of the better that we’ve tested, largely because the keys are well spaced.

The design of this handheld is pretty clever. Sony Cell Phone Batteries for Sony. The screen feels extralarge because this model–like all Pocket PCs and the HandEra –uses a virtual Graffiti area.


Anyway, about the NR70V:. Roughly the size of a swanky cigarette case, this CLIE will no doubt turn heads.

I would recommend this product for the PDA usage, but not if you are looking for a camera or big MP3 player. The picture quality is very impressive given one that0 it is built into a pda device. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Artsy types may prefer to snap images and edit them on n7r0v NR70V. Edit documents on the fly–or on the road.


Google Pixel XL 8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. So how does it perform? First since its a few years old you need to update the software to sync with current programs and it tends to occasionally freeze up after the sync but otherwise its great, the small keyboard is wonderful for writing and its sleek and the picture is great. This baby became an integral part of my life, until someone stole it from my office and broke my heart.

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The NR70V is the largest, heaviest, and most expensive Palm OS handheld, but its clever design, great screen, integrated keyboard and built-in digital camera make up for a lot of that bulkiness. See details for full description. Show less Show more. There’s also a Memory Stick slot for adding additional memory and accessories.

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The screen nr07v extra large because this model — like all Pocket PCs and the HandEra — uses a virtual Graffiti area. It has a lot of great features that I will probably never use. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Sony CLIÉ PEG-NR70V Specs – CNET

One neat feature is that it also functions as a television remote. The integration of the keyboard was one of the biggest selling points of the NR70V. When you open the NR70V, it’s easy to confuse it for some ultramodern cellular flip phone, but unfortunately, there are no wireless features built in. I’ve lost 26 lbs with the weight watchers thing so it’s a win win. As an added benefit, you see your stylus strokes on the screen, which makes it easier to write accurately.

Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. The CLIE’s screen is both large and high-resolution. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Then I fell in love.